Prerequisite: Tactical Pistol Level 2

Class Size: 8-20

The Vehicle CQB course focuses on fighting, not just around a vehicle, but inside it as well. Based on real world instances and modern day vehicles, we will show the realities of what vehicles can and can not provide you in a gunfight. Day one is all live fire, learning the tactics and abilities of the vehicles. But bring your A game on day two (and a long sleeve shirt) because we will be reinforcing what you learned with Simunitions and instructor OpFor. Utilizing specific shooting drills as well as shooting in, out of, and at vehicles and windows, you will walk away from this course with a new found respect and fear of your daily driver.

The following topics will be covered during the course:

Safety specific to working around vehicles

Vehicle specific shooting positions

Methods of carry and readiness

Vehicle shoot, ballistics and modern vehicles

Window shoot, shooting out of and into the vehicle

Buddy drills, how to fight away from or to a vehicle

Target selection and target levels

Force on force engagements

And much more!

Ammunition Requirements: 300 rounds of pistol ammunition

Gear List: Pistol, holster, belt, three pistol magazines, pistol magazine holders, wraparound clear eye protection, ear protection, weapons cleaning kit, water bottle and rain gear. Knee pads and elbow pads are highly recommended as well as bug spray and sun protection.

*Caution: This course involves strenuous physical activity (including sprinting and awkward prone positions with a firearm in your hand) and a much higher degree of weapons handling, awareness and safety. While Tactical Pistol Level II is a prerequisite, attendance in that course does not guarantee that a student is prepared to take this course. It will be at VATA's discretion to determine if a student needs additional training before attending this course.